Wish Dragon 🐲 Movie Review Written Update

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Wish Dragon Movie Review 

This is a retelling of that story.

In the beginning of the film we are introduced to a young Din and his friend Lena right away.In the beginning of the film we could tell that they are the best of friends.While Lena eventually moves away becomes really popular.Den is a hard working teenager and discovers a magic cup that he can bring out this wishing dragon name long and he gets 3 wishes.Similar to other stories like Aladdin.You can’t can’t wish for love and you can’t wish to hurt people kind of thing.You know your average kind of wishes.What I absolutely loved about this story is that it did not go the I want to fall in love with her route.

I didn’t want to.I don’t want to impress her, so she falls in love with me.What Aladdin was essentially instead, he just wants to reconnect with his friend.And I absolutely adored that storyline because it felt different than the other retellings I’ve seen before.I love the fact that it just focused on him wanting to reconnect with his friend rather than trying to fall in love with her.Yes, he wanted to impress her.Yes, he was afraid to tell her who he is because he was afraid that she would be upset with kind of person that he is, but they came to an understanding throughout the film.

I just love that approach to this movie because it gave it a realistic tone and something that we haven’t seen before really.And that’s what Wish Dragon was.And I love the choice to just have them be friends instead of them trying to fall in love with each other.This is a very vibrant looking film.It’s heavy on the pink color because of the dragon.The animation looks really good.This is by Sony Animation.We’ve seen kind of some different kind of movies from them.You know, they got the Mitchell’s Versus The Machine and Spider Man.Those movies have a distinct look.This film fills, you know, kind of average compared to, you know, other Sony animated films.But it still looks really good.The detail to the culture and the family and the area that Den lives in, it’s very vibrant, it’s very lush, it looks great and the design for the dragon is awesome.I love the look for the dragon with in here and it provides that kind of upbeat style, that color to the film that really makes this film pop.I’m not sure if it was the color of the movie or the animation or the humor, but my son, he’s a year and a half years old and and he has special needs, requires a lot.

But overall, a really happy kid.He sat down and watched this movie like the whole thing and absolutely lost it.He enjoyed it so much.He was laughing so much.And if you ever heard a baby laugh, a toddler laugh, it’s one of the best things ever.Thank you to Sony for making this film because my son absolutely loved it and I will always cherish that moment.Just absolutely losing control watching this film and just busting up laughing and wondering, is it the animation or is it the humor?What about it makes him laugh so much?But this film is actually pretty funny.

They understand each other throughout the film and he understands that he can’t wish for love or anything but long also like this fish out of water.He is trying to enjoy the human life as well, Trying different snacks, watching television, eating food, you know, experiencing the human life as a dragon.Since everybody else can’t see the dragon.We see like, you know, snacks floating around, but that’s the dragon eating it.But watching him interact with Din and trying to live a human life, I thought it was pretty entertaining.But the relationship really developed throughout the film to where you cared about the relationship.


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