Hello friends, how are you all? We pray that you are living a very joyful life with your loving ones. Today once again we are here in front of all of you with a very important blog in which we are going to discuss HOW TO TAKE A LOAN FROM TRUEBALANCE

Friends, as we all know that we all need money to fulfill our basic needs. If you spend some time in your school then your teachers have discussed the importance of money in our daily life. Money plays a very important role in our life for which we do hard work the whole day . Some of us are unable to do hard work to earn money, so we require some other mode to fulfill our needs. One of the modes is Taking  a loan from a bank or other lender. We need money to live a luxurious life , to feed our loved ones who are totally dependent on us. Many of the people who want to feed their family, they start learning through google about the loan system . Taking loan from True Balance is one of the famous mode kf taking loan. Hence needy people start searching about HOW TO TAKE LOAN FROM TRUEBALANCE. So let’s start today’s blog. Firstly, we want to tell you about what TRUE BALANCE is and its history….


True Balance is a mobile financial platform operated by Balancehero India Pvt. Ltd. Situated in Gurugram, India. True Balance app provides digital wallet, lending, recharge & utility payments, e-commerce, insurance and cash loans mainly to financially unreserved customers in India.

True Balance is fast, simple and seamless. True balance provides us many types of loans very fastly. It provides an amount as small as Rs.1,000 to as big as Rs.60,000. We can Experience instant and secure lending with True Balance.

Smart features of True balance:-

  • 24×7 Available:-

Unlike others, true balance commitment is no time bound, is available for 24 hours, and all days around the year. 

  • 75+ million downloads :-

True balance is trusted by millions of peoples and it is preferred very large lending platform for over the 10 million users.  

  • 100% safe and secure:-

True balance is an RBI registered entity that facilitates lending on its platform and follows every protocol to protect your information and prevents any unauthorized use. That’s why every user trusts its privacy and adds more customers to it.

Key features:-

  • True balance provides very Easy access from anywhere throughout the world.
  • Ture balance facilitates hassle free, 24hrs access to credit from anywhere, anytime. 
  • It provides very Customized products for which you can take a loan anytime.
  • True balance’s product and services are customized to fit in your financial needs


True Balance Personal Loan Interest Rate:-

  • Competitive Interest rates starting at 5% . 
  • Personal loan Process Completely digital, Contactless, Paperless Process . 
  • Processing Fee of Up to 3% will be deducted from the loan amount. 
  • Loan tenure is 62 Days to 180 Days.


Friends, we all need money to  feed our families and to fulfill our needs TrueBalance provides Personal Loan which helps you meet your financial needs in a short period of time with more benefits. If you are facing any emergency and want financial support then With TrueBalance, you can handle any emergency with ease. Whether you are facing a medical emergency, wedding expenses, home renovation, paying tuition fees, or going on a vacation and other financial support.TrueBalance can really help you to meet your needs in a very rapid way for a long period of time. If you are facing any financial support and looking for a lender that offers instant loan or loan for same days as personal loan, then TrueBalance can be your ultimate choice which provides you many important loan facilities , such as Home loan, educational loan, medical loan , Personal loan etc..TrueBalance is an instant personal loan mobile application that gives loans ranging from ₹ 1,000 to ₹ 50,000  to salaried and self-employed individuals digitally without any paperwork. TrueBalance App offers loans to people with  62 to 90 day repayment period, with   interest rate ranging from 5% to 9% TrueBalance App has 10 million downloads on google play store.

Now let’s discuss the documentation  required for taking a loan from True Balance.

Documentation required for taking a loan from True Balance:-

    1. Mobile Number:- Mobile number is required for registration and confirmation.
    2.  PAN Card
    3.  Aadhaar Card 
    4.  Bank Account Statement  
  •  Must have proof of income
  •  3 Months bank statement
    1.  Occupation and income proof
    2.  Passport Size Photo
  •  Bank Account Pass Book
  •  Address Proof
  •  Income Certificate

Eligibility for taking a loan fromtRue Balance :-

Friends as all organizations need some eligibility and if you want to take a loan from True Balance , then you have to complete below eligibility…

  1. First of all you should be an Indian citizen.
  2. You must be between 21 years to  65 years of age.
  3. You are a self-employed person or an employee of any State or Central Government
  4.  you are a pensioner or operator is a defense person.

True Balance App contact information :-

Friends true balance provides their contact information so that any customer wants to take any information related to loan or any query or problem then they can contact the customer care of true balance and could solve their problem.

Here we are mentioning the True Balance App customer care number and other contact information…

Customer Support:- (0120)-4001028

For grievance :

Now lets concern about How To Take A Loan From True Balance.

How To Take A Loan From True Balance:-

Friends, If you want to take a loan from True Balance, then you can take a loan from True Balance in two ways, which are as follows…

  1. Online Method:-

Friends, if you want to take a loan from the True Balance then you have to follow some points which are mentioned below…

  • For taking a loan from True Balance then first of all you have to Install True Balance app  in your phone. You can download the True balance app either from google play store or any browsing platform.
  • After installing True balance ,you have to register into it by entering some important information like mobile number, Aadhar card, your age , Pan Card etc..
  • After registering The true balance app will ask you to create a secure pin, create the pin according to your own choice and then a One Time Password will be sent to your number which you provided through an SMS will come to your mobile number,In which there will be codes. Put that Or else it will be automatically verified.
  • Tap on the Loan Section shown in your desktop screen .
  • Fill your important details like your  Aadhaar card and PAN card or other information. 
  • Select the offer from the offer section,If the offer is available for you then select your favorite loan amount in the amount section.
  • Select loan amount and tenure accept loan offer.
  • upload the documents required to identify your bank statement.
  • Once your loan request is approved then you will Receive your loan amount directly in your bank account .

Once you receive your loan amount into your bank account ,you can use this amount to buy a home, home appliances, a car or other accessories.

  1. Offline method:-

We have discussed the online method for taking a loan from True Balance , now let’s discuss the offline method …For this firstly you have to reach your nearest True Balance office. When you enter the branch, concern the officer about Loan, interest rate, and benefits of Loan. Then he/she will tell you about all the required information for taking a loan. If you confirm then the officer will provide you the loan form which you have to fill with important information like your Aadhaar Card, Pan card and other information.  Once you fill the form you can apply for your loan payment, after which the manager will sign and your loan payment will be transferred to your bank account.

So friends, this was our lovely blog. Today  we discussed How To Take A Loan From True Balance. How  much you loved our blog please give your feedback by leaving a comment in the comment box. Thanks for reading our blog . Stay tuned for more blogs..


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