How To Take A Loan From Paytm App

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Hello friends , once again we are here with an important blog in which we will tell you about How To Take A Loan From Paytm App . As you all know that Paytm is a very famous online payment app all over India and the world, hence as it has millions of trusted customers and still its customers are spreading rapidly. Seeing its popularity, many people want to open their account in Paytm app. You also know that we need all things in our life and All we need is money to fulfill our needs, for which we work hard. But even after hard work, they are not able to earn much money that they can fulfill all their needs from their salary, so they need to take a personal loan . Lets know about What is loan and its types..

What is a loan?…

A loan is a sum of money that an individual or company borrows from a lender.


A loan is a sum of money that one or more individuals or companies borrow from banks or other financial institutions so as to financially manage planned or unplanned events. In doing so, the borrower incurs a debt, which he has to pay back with interest and within a given period of time. Loans can be given to individuals,corporations, and governments. The main idea behind taking out one is to get funds to grow one’s overall money supply. The interest and fees serve as sources of revenue for the lender, let’s know about the type of loans..

Types of lone:-

Loans can be classified further into secured and unsecured, open-end and closed-end, and conventional types.

  • Secured loan:-
  • Unsecured loan:-
  • Home loans:-
  • Gold loans:-
  • Personal Loans:-
  • Business loan:-
  1. Secured Loan:- 

A secured loan is one of the loans that is backed by some person in the form of collateral. For instance, most financial institutions require borrowers to present their little deeds or other documents that show ownership of an asset, until they paid the total sum of the loan they lended.

  1. Unsecured Loan:-

An unsecured loan means that the borrower does not have to offer any asset as collateral. With unsecured loans, the lenders are very thorough when assessing the borrower’s financial status. 

  1. Home Loan:-

Many people are Homeless and are searching for a home of their budget and according to some people, home loans are a very secure mode of finance that give you the chance of buying a home by applying funds to buy or build the home of your choice. 

  1. Gold Loan:-

Gold loan (also called loan against gold) is a secured loan taken by the borrower from a lender by pledging their gold articles (within a range of 18-24 carats) as collateral. The loan amount provided is a certain percentage of the gold, typically 80%, based on the current market value and quality of gold

5.Personal Loans :-

Most of the banks offer personal loans to their customers and the money can be used for any expense like paying a bill or purchasing a new thing like – Car, Television, Home Appliances and Other Things. Personal loans are the broadest type of loan category taken by the customers and typically have repayment terms between 24 and 84 months.

  1.   Business loan :-

A business loan is a type of loan specifically taken intended for business purposes. As with all loans, it involves the creation of a debt, which will be repaid with added interest,  and sometime the lender company will be work as a partner in your business and the profit will be distributed equally until the loan will cleared

Here we have discussed about what is laon and its types… now lets discusse about how to take a loan from Paytm app..

How to take a loan from Paytm app:-

As we all know that Paytm is an Indian digital payments and financial services company, situated in Noida. It was founded in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma and now a days it has become the top most online payment app in india , it provides many financial services like Loans, EMI and other services… as everyone requires money to fulfill their needs for which they go to the bank , many times people get a loan to overcome their financial problems . They even got a loan easily by applying in a nearby bank but sometimes they are not able to get a loan at the time of need. When people are not able to get loans through banks, then Financial apps like Paytm  help them to take a personal loan.

In today’s blog, we will share all the important information to you like “How To Take A Loan From Paytm App” How much loan will be available from Paytm , how much interest is charged on Paytm Personal Loan , eligibility for taking Paytm Personal Loan , how much will be the repayment tenure etc. We will provide entire information about How To Take A Loan From Paytm App. For the entire information you should read the whole blog ,Let’s start….

How To Take A Loan From Paytm Apps:-

Paytm App is a very trusted online transaction app and also a bank for people. They think that Paytm App takes the lowest interest rate , with higher benefits. If we Talk about the interest rate, the Paytm app gives you the lowest interest rate. It gives many types of schemes. For giving personal loans, their interest rate starts from 9%- 12% per annum. And it goes up to a maximum of 13.90% per annum . If you want to take a loan from Paytm App then you can get benefits as there are many offers provided by the bank for every festival such as DIWALI, EID, and other  festivals. It could also be explained that you should take a loan from Paytm App in the festive season.

Eligibility of taking a loan from paytm app:-

You must meet the following Paytm personal loan eligibility to be eligible for the loan. 

You must be aged between 25 to 60 years to be approved of the loan.

You must have an active bank account so that the loan amount can be transferred to your account and the EMI can be deducted online.

  • The borrower must be an Indian resident for taking a loan from Paytm App.
  • The monthly income of the person applying for the loan should not be less than 15000.
  • The borrower should have their Aadhar Card
  • The borrower should have their Pan Card
  • They should also contains Income Certificate
  • Bank Statement also important for taking loan
  • Birth certificate is necessary for the confirmation of age.
  • Borrower also requires Mobile Number for One Time Password and for other information.
  • Documents Required For Taking A Loan From Paytm App :-
  • KYC documents, such as PAN or Aadhaar Card.
  • Occupation and income proof.
  • Other documents as required by the lender : Passport Size Photo
  • BankStatement Papers 
  • Bank Account Pass Book
  • Mobile Number
  • Address Proof
  • Income Certificate

How To Take A Loan From Paytm App:-

Friends, If you want to take a loan from Paytm App, then you can take a loan from Paytm app in two ways, which are as follows…

  1.   Online Method:-

Friends, if you want to take a loan from the Paytm app then you have to follow some points which are mentioned below…

Before taking a loan from Paytm, you have to create your Paytm bank account .

For creating your Paytm bank account you have to install Paytm App first.For installation of Paytm app you first open the Google app store in your phone and search Paytm app . After searching, the Play store will show you the Paytm App from where you can install Paytm App.

After installation you have to register with your Mobile number. You will receive a One Time Password on your registered mobile number.

You can easily create, paytm bank account.  After creating a Paytm account, go to your nearest cyber cafe and complete your KYC process in Paytm. Only then can you apply for a loan in Paytm. After this you can easily get Paytm Personal Loan.

After completion of your KYC, open the paytm app in your mobile phone where you will see all service options .

Click on all service icons and select the personal loan option.

Once you click on the personal loan icon, you will see a form like screen where you have to fill you personal details  like..Your Name, Age, Date Of Birth, Mobile Number and other information.

Once you fill your information, you will receive a call from paytm office at noida for confirmation. You Have to provide correct information to them and submit the form which you filled.

After completion the process you personal loan will be sent to completion, and after completion of all queries your loan will be assured and the loan amount will be sent to your Bank you linked to the paytm app.

Through the online method of taking a loan from the Paytm app , it is easy and you can apply for it from home.

  1. Offline method:-

We have discussed the online method for taking a loan from Paytm App , now let’s discuss the offline method …For this firstly you have to reach your nearest Paytm App office. When you enter the branch, concern the officer about Loan, interest rate, and benefits of Loan. Then he/she will tell you about all the required information for taking a loan. If you confirm then the officer will provide you the loan form which you have to fill with important information like your Aadhaar Card, Pan card and other information.  Once you fill the form you can apply for your loan payment, after which the manager will sign and your loan payment will be transferred to your bank account.

So friends, this was our lovely blog. Today  we discussed How To Take A Loan From Paytm App. How  much you loved our blog please give your feedback by leaving a comment in the comment box. Thanks for reading our blog . Stay tuned for more blogs..


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