Ali Baba ek andaaz anokha Episode 191 Full Episode 

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Ali Baba 22th May Episode (Part-2)

So finally the upcoming episode of Guy’s Alibaba Gloves Kabul is going to be very interesting to watch because Sim Sim Koli has come to know the real truth of Alibaba has come in front of Sim Sim and now Sim Sim is going to kill Alibaba. So what do you think will kill Alibaba? Sim sim or not, you must tell us in the comment box rest I am going to tell everything in this video further so friends in today’s video we are going to talk about alibaba glove kabool ke aaj episode kya hua to funds, alibaba , Dastane Qubool ka aaj ka episode ki pura full review wala hai, so if you are a fan of Ali Baba, please watch this video till the end and till now you have not subscribed to our tube channel Tax Smartphone, subscribe and also me black press them so let’s start the fund video without any delay to funds alibaba gloves kabool kiya in today’s episode first of all we are shown that jo hai woh vahan par big lakar aaye hai to control all the snakes to then



There he comes upon a snake and tries to kill Haider, then he starts playing Haider Da Whole Being there, due to which the snakes start coming under his control and all the snakes start coming under his control only then here Leafie may be here and Leafie over there also gets confused after hearing his voice, thinking that where is this voice coming from? Then Leafie thinks that this voice is sure that all the people are doing this together, after that Leafie starts coming from there, then there comes the queen of Naglok and there they try to kill Harda but she Being there keeps on playing because of which the queen of Naglok there also comes under her control there, then Leafie comes there and after Leafie arrives, Leafie concentrates on there and says now is the right time. To find out where he has kept the real princess under control and there Leafie starts asking him, then there the queen of Naglok tells the real truth there, after that we are shown that Alibaba And don’t want to make patents here and stay here.



And it is very cold there, both of them leave for the front as soon as the morning comes, after that they are searching here and there for Sim Sim and there they start searching for Chhota Kotwal with full noise. Here and there, Ali Baba and Marj Na move forward and as soon as we step into the forest, Sim Sim here comes to know that my intelligence is that someone has entered the forest without permission. Sim Sim comes to know about the matter and when Sim Sim tries to find out, then Sim Sim comes to know that the one who has entered my jungle is none other than a small police station, after that they start planning to kill him there. Hai Sim Sim, after that Alibaba and Marji Na go ahead as soon as they want, then there Alibaba and Marjina see the tree where Marjina’s memory is kept and as soon as they try to go near that tree, then there is Tej The wind starts blowing and there comes a very big object in which Alibaba gets absorbed and it keeps falling on the ground here and there, then Sim Sim comes and Sim Sim comes there.



There Alibaba gets confused seeing Sim Sim and here and there Jo Leap Ya they come, all near the painting and there she tries to find Azadi from the real one and Leafie the real princess Jo over there. Haider is also visible there, after that here and here Haider gets tired of playing the being and Haider there falls down to the ground, then all the snakes over there come to their senses and Haider over there is poisoned by their poison. There again she falls down to the ground and there she faints and here and there they try their best to kill Alibaba here and there when Sim Sim tries to find out, Sim Sim It is known that it is none other than Alibaba and after knowing this, Sim Sim is shocked there, then watching the upcoming episodes of Alibaba Dastane Kabul is going to be very interesting, so what do you guys think? Is Sim Sim going to kill Ali Baba or not? You must tell us in the comment box, then it is going to come, so you are going to be even more interesting, so how is Alibaba now?



Sahajadi will bring Marjina’s memory back from that tree because Sim Sim has caught Alibaba and Marjina is also lying unconscious here and there, so both are in danger now and Sim Sim got killed here after killing Alibaba. And Sim Sim has also come to know the truth of Alibaba, so the upcoming episodes are going to be more interesting, so you will enjoy even more in the fund going episode, so in today’s video, that’s all the updates. Dena tha alibaba dastane kabool ki aaj episode abhi refund mili hai koi aur ac interesting video ke saath tak tak ke liye jai hind vande mataram.


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