Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 186 ( Part-1 ) Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode


Alibaba and Marjina come here and there in that magical forest and after coming they start moving forward. Only then the patient who is here comes to know. Has someone entered my house without permission? This type is known there and they try to find out there and send a magical spell over there to go and find out and finish both of them. then alibaba
And Jinnah both are moving here and there.

Then both of them see a lot of losses over there, rather they see losses in pairs there, so Ali Baba doesn’t want to and remains upset over there, then Ali Baba and Marjina hear a very dangerous sound there. That sound is so loud that the ears of both of them start bursting there, then there is an entry of a woman there and she is fascinating the mind of both of them and keeps both of them trapped there in their tricks. They happen and both finally fall for his trick there and lure Ali Baba and Marjina there. too much
So his gait is seen to be stuck there.

Marjina and Alibaba but it will be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes in Ushi Ka Chaal Mein Fus Ke Ali Babar Marjina both will become enemies of each other’s life and both will be shown fighting with each other. Means there will be such a fighting that one of the two will have to be killed only then he will be able to get his jewels. Alibaba also wants to fight and Marjina too. Both are seen fighting with each other a lot there. So what do you guys think will Alibaba kill Marjina or will Marjina kill Ali Baba?

too much to see
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