Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 184 (Part-2 ) Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 24th May (Part-2 )

Ali Baba Today Episode Update And he starts dragging Alibaba in exactly the same way, only then he doesn’t want to think that he doesn’t even have an equal head. Means he has no solution and he takes bow and arrows against his will and goes there sitting on a horse to face the devilish body and the look of Marjina is very interesting shown to us there. But the devilish body is not able to stay there and falls down there from the horse and after falling, the devilish body starts moving forward, then Alibaba calls his Samshir in front of him. .
And as soon as his Shamsher arrives, Alibaba runs upstairs and goes there.

That’s why the devil we don’t kill Marjina there and turn back from there and there Alibaba runs to Princess Marjina there and picks her up there and both of them talk to each other there. Who is this devil whom we are, why didn’t he attack you? Both of them are very much confused by this thinking and both were thinking there that what is its secret? It has left me many times before and today it has left you too.
What is the secret behind this? This means it is confirmed that Jeet has kidnapped two people. It must have kept everyone alive till now.

Somewhere there they think like this and when Ali Baba tries to know his secret from him there, he picks them both up there. Above his spell and Alibaba sees her there, sees her face there in the water and Alibaba comes to know that she is a girl and Alibaba finally comes to know. After that both of them are thrown down on the ground. But watching the upcoming episodes is going to be too much now.

Interesting because in the coming episodes, we will now be shown the scene that someone has made the head of that evil body disappear and now they are going to find the same head. When Ali Baba and Alibaba will find the head, then this whole problem will end and Alibaba promises to the evil body that wherever your head is, I will find it and bring it. Now they are finally giving the support of the devilish body. watch the upcoming episodes to find his head.

It’s about to get even more interesting so how excited are you to watch the upcoming episodes of Funds Alibaba, Dastane Qubool? Friends, you must tell us in the comment box, if you had to give all these updates from today’s video number, then you get funds and till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram with such interesting videos.


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