Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha Episode 184 (Part-1 ) Written Update

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Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 24th May (Part-1 )

So finally the upcoming episodes of Guys Alibaba Dastane Qubool are about to happen now. Very interesting because in today’s episode the face of the evil body has come to the fore and the face of the evil body has been completely revealed. In today’s episode there was a lot of fight between both Alibaba Marjina and Shaitany Jism and in today’s episode it has been completely face revealed. The evil body and now Alibaba is going to support the evil body. Now why will Alibaba support the evil body? We are going to talk about this in today’s video.

So friends, before starting any video, you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel Tech Smartphone yet, subscribe to the channel and press the black button along with it. So let’s start the friend studio itself. Without any further delay, in today’s episode of Funds Alibaba, Dastane Qubool, first of all, we are shown that both the Alibaba margins are completely ready here. To get married and both of them get fully dressed here and here in Naglok here all the children reach here and all the children here and there are very scared and all the other children to here.


are doing. Then all the people there in Naglok see those people there and start considering her as their queen there, rather they start considering her as a princess there. There all the people sit there on the strength of their knees and start considering Leafie as their princess there. After that it is shown to us that the complete preparation for the marriage ceremony is going on here and here and as soon as the preparation was going on here, only here and here the devil comes to know that the wedding is about to take place. And here the preparations for the marriage are done in full.
And Maulana Sahib starts teaching there in a simple manner and here and here Leafie when he is going there and Leafie is very much welcomed there and all of them are called his friends over there.

And Lipika is very welcome here because Leafie is considered to be the queen there. All the people of Naglok and here all the preparations for marriage are going on here and there Maulana Sahib is teaching marriage and there Marjina has confessed twice and has already spoken. After that, we are shown that as soon as the confession is made for the third time, the person who speaks remains there, then the devils there, through which we reach there.


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