Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 24th May 2023 Episode Written Update

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So finally the upcoming episodes of Guys Alibaba Dastane Qubool are about to happen now. Very interesting because Alibaba saved his mother with the help of Talisman. Saved my mother from Sim Sim’s grip. Alibaba finally in today’s episode and now Alibaba is about to fight Sim Sim and his 40 thieves. Funds with the help of Talisman In today’s video we are going to talk about. Today episode of Alibaba Dastane Qubool mein kya hua toh funds alibaba, Dastane Qubool ke aaj episode ke pura full review karna wale hai. So if you are a fan of Ali Baba then please watch this video till the end.


And till now you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel Tax Mart, subscribe the channel and also give medicine to the Bell icon. So let’s start the fund studio itself. Without any delay, in today’s episode of Funds Alibaba Dastane Qubool, first of all, we are shown that Ali Baba is there talking to all the people and there Marjina says that how will you fight without talisman? From? Then there Alibaba tells all his truth there and Alibaba tells that the talisman is with me only and what I had given to Sim Sim was a fake talisman. After that shows us that in the sim she lives here near the light over here.

And Roshni is told everything there and Roshni is kept imprisoned there. Sim, Sim and Roshni are about to revive Parakaya there. They tell everything about him there and also show the talisman there, Roshni feels very sad there and Roshni thinks what have you done. Son, the light speaks something like this there. After that we are shown that the Alibabas they are going back here, in Sangrila and as they are going in Sangrila and Alibaba is over there talking about eliminating Sim Sim and Alibaba comes there as soon as he is going there.


Guru ji
And Guruji comes there and tells everything there and Guruji tells there that your mummy is still alive and I came to know this through Jeevan Jyoti. Then he tries to find out there with the help of Alibaba Talisman, then Alibaba comes to know that our mother is in Sim Sim’s custody, Alibaba comes to know about this and Alibaba goes there with the help of Talisman. At the same place and Alibaba after going there, with the help of talisman, there they take the form of Sim Sim and here Pe Sim stays with Sim Sim here and there they take the form of Pe Sim Sim and go to Alibaba.


in the inside
And taking the form of Sim Sim, he goes inside there to his mother, then Sim Sim is talking to his 40 thieves over there. Then there Sim Sim comes to know that Alibaba has gone there. By taking my form, Sim Sim also comes to know that this work can be done by only one person who has the talisman and Sim Sim comes to know that the talisman I have is a fake talisman. Sim Sim comes to know about this and here and here Alibaba comes to his mother there, then there his mother sees Sim Sim, then his mother gets very angry. then there
Alibaba takes his real form and Alibaba goes to his Ammi and hugs him there. Then there his mother is shown the Alibaba talisman, then there his mother becomes very happy. After that we are shown that Ali Baba who is there tries to rescue his Ammi with the help of the goods there. But even with the strictness of the talisman, they are not able to release his Ammi there. Then Sim Sim comes there and Sim Sim says that Aaka’s chain is there and no one can break it. Then there a lot of fighting is shown between Ali Baba and Sim Sim.


In the midst of the Russian fighting, Alibaba uses such a trick, due to which it itself releases the SIM card there. He takes his mother and Alibaba goes there with his mother. After that Sim Sim gets very angry over there. Above alibaba and sim sim there she says that I can’t give up and I will not leave you there she says something like this but it is going to be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes because in the upcoming episodes we will be shown that which Alibaba He is going to fight with the help of Talisman and his 40 thieves. That too a very dangerous fight will be shown to us.


And because Alibaba has Talisman, Sim Sim will also beat Sim Sim, because Sim Sim does not have Talisman and Alibaba has Talisman, because of which Alibaba is going to do very dangerous fighting. With Sim Sim and his 40 Thieves, what do you guys think will eliminate Sim Sim and his 40 Thieves? Alibaba or not? If you do tell us in the comment box, the upcoming episodes of Funds, Alibaba, Gloves, Kabul and today’s episode saw some such scene, Friends today’s video. That’s all update was to be given then friends meet someone else with such interesting video till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram

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