Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Anokha 23th May 2023 Episode Written Update

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So finally it is going to be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes of Guys Alibaba Dastane Kabul because the talisman hai woh Sim Sim has come into his hands. Alibaba has given the talisman to Sim Sim and is about to bring the police alive. Soon Sim Sim and Sim Sim have kidnapped Alibaba’s mother Roshni and Alibaba has also come to know the whole truth because the princess reluctantly tells everything there that Roshni was your mother and After knowing the whole truth to Alibaba, Alibaba gets very angry.
So friends in today’s video we are going to talk about. What happened in today’s episode of Alibaba Dastane Qubool? So friends are going to do the full review of today’s episode of Alibaba Dastane Qubool. So if you are a fan of Ali Baba, please watch this video till the end and subscribe to our YouTube channel Tax Mart Seven if you haven’t subscribed yet and also press the first button.


So let’s start the fans video. Without any further delay, in today’s episode of Funds Alibaba, Daastane Qubool, we are first shown that there Sim Sim is demanding Talisman from Alibaba, but Alibaba says that in Parwaz, until everyone is safe. Till then I cannot give you the talisman.
After that Sim Sim and Alibaba start coming back to Parvaz from there and here in Parvaz here Marjina is lying unconscious and here the people of Sangrila are all free over there and all the people are going to kill there. When we live there, the teachers who are there say that even we cannot compete with that boy because he was the son of Roshni, they say something like this there. After that we are shown that the Alibaba who comes here and there goes back to the flight and Alibaba gets very angry seeing Marjina unconscious there, then those thieves over there tell that she just fainted. Is.


After that we see that Sim Sim asks for Talisman there, then Alibaba is not giving it there. Alibaba starts thinking about his Ammi Abbu there, then Sim starts trying to kill everyone there. Then we are shown that the one who is Ali Baba gives away the final talisman over there. Sim Sim Ko and Sim Sim She leaves with the talisman. After that we see that Alibaba is feeling very sad over there and the sim sims here come directly here. After coming near and near the English, they start making preparations there. to make him alive
And Sim Sim says there that you people should prepare here. I come for a little meeting with my beloved enemy, after that we see that Ali Baba is thinking here and there. About my mother and father and Alibaba is doing full sad feeling over there, then there Marjina regains consciousness and comes there whether she wants to or not, she comes to Alibaba and there she is asking all the things whether she wants to or there. But she says whether that woman is alive or not, where is that woman, is she fine or was she not there? Ali Baba tells that I killed him with my own hands and Alibaba is crying profusely over there.


Then there they start telling the whole truth about Princess Marjina. After that we are shown that whatever is here comes here and Roshni who is there has been kidnapped and kept there and Roshni is also told the whole truth over there and Alibaba’s truth is also told over there. Are. Roshni is very angry after going there, but Roshni has been kidnapped and kept there, because of which Roshni is unable to do anything there and Roshni has to know everything about her son. It is known there. After that we are shown that the princess who does not want to come
So there they start telling all the things over there, to Alibaba that I had gone to the monk and from there I got all the information, such that the princess dies there, she tells everything to Alibaba, then Alibaba comes. , very much angry and Alibaba says that he will not leave then there Sahajadi Marjina says what will you do now she has talisman also so you can’t do anything then there Alibaba tells that talisman is I didn’t even give it to him, I have the real talisman and now I will not leave Sim Sim.


Like this, Alibaba speaks something there and the real talisman is with Alibaba only, so how about Alibaba now? Now it is going to be very interesting to see Sim Sim fighting with Sim Sim, when Sim Sim will be alive then Sim Sim will know for sure that this is a fake talisman. Now when will Alibaba come to know that his Ammi Jaan is alive, it will be very interesting to see. How excited are you to watch the upcoming episodes of Kabul? You must tell us in the comment box.
So friends, in today’s video, that’s all I had to update. Today episode and upcoming episode of Alibaba Dastane Qubool To Friends Milete Hai Koi Aur AC, till then Jai Hind Vande Mataram with interesting video.

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